How to choose rattan furniture materials

Natural rattan is without doubt one of the most popular materials used in modern furniture making all over the world. Rattan is an extremely malleable material, so it is ideal for forming beautiful furniture pieces for the home.

Generally, raw rattan is processed into several products to be used as materials in furniture making. The various species of rattan range from several millimetres up to 5–7 cm in diameter. From a strand of rattan, the skin is usually peeled off, to be used as rattan weaving material. The remaining “core” of the rattan can be used for various purposes in furniture making. Rattan is a very good material, mainly because it is lightweight, durable, suitable for outdoor use, and, to a certain extent, flexible.

Also, natural rattan is an incredibly strong and durable material that can withstand even the most difficult weather conditions. You don’t need to worry about it splintering, which again gives it an added edge over other types of timber used in furniture production.

Rattan furniture is continuously growing in popularity and a lot of furniture manufacturers wanted achieve the distinctive look and feel of natural rattan but for a fraction of the cost.

Manufacturers have developed a synthetic rattan furniture that still maintains the general look and feel of natural rattan together with the long lasting durability of the real thing.Although natural rattan has good qualities such as being lightweight and sturdy, it isn’t the best garden furniture to leave outside. Synthetic rattan, however, is an ideal choice for garden furniture.It’s constructed from modern materials which make it strong, lightweight and weatherproof.  It’s also easy to clean and maintain which improves the longevity.

choose rattan furniture materialsHigh-quality synthetic rattan is

1) Flexible and easily woven into garden furniture

2) More lightweight than traditional rattan

3) Stronger and more durable than natural rattan

4) Weatherproof rattan garden furniture

5) UV resistant and won’t fade in the sun or crack

6) Resistant to swelling, rot or mold

7) Low maintenance garden furniture


They usually start by making the synthetic rattan furniture with a sturdy aluminum frame then instead of wrapping the frame with the synthetic rattan cane they make use of plastics and resin to create the form.

The plastic material is also extremely malleable and easy to shape, plus its available in a wide array of shades and colours. And I have to be honest with you, the good thing with the synthetic varieties is that they still maintain that strength of the synthetic rattan too.

The synthetic rattan look furniture is strong and, if properly looked after, will last you an incredibly long time. Also, it is very easy to clean with just warm water and washing up liquid when needed and it is not susceptible to any rust like iron garden furniture or mold like the natural rattan.

In addition, wicker rattan garden furniture sold for outdoor, garden or patio use tends to be constructed from the synthetic materials in order to deliver longer durability and life span. To get the best deals you generally need to buy rattan effect garden furniture sets out of the summer season, preferably in winter time.

The benefits of synthetic rattan garden furniture are obvious, wide choice of style, affordability, easy to maintain, durable, and long lasting. Choosing all weather synthetic rattan garden furniture is the only choice you need to make!



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