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About Tanfly

At Tanfly, we believe knowing our customers helps us serve them better. We listen. We observe. We understand that each customer has unique needs. So, we pride ourselves on helping our customers make smart contract outdoor furniture decisions by offering expert advice, design options and personalized solutions.

Since 2001, we’ve positioned Tanfly as the outdoor furniture company that best understands the contract outdoor furniture industry and is committed to providing customers with the customization solutions. By targeting specific markets with solutions for patio furniture, leisure furniture, garden furniture, hotel furniture and outdoor furniture, we can quickly respond to our customers’ unique needs – including the choice to procure contract outdoor furniture according to what fits their ordering and fulfillment process. That’s why we say we offer far more than outdoor furniture. We’re furnishing knowledge and solutions.

Our outdoor furniture innovations reflect a desire to be our customers’ market resource and to help them make smart contract outdoor furniture decisions. Our strong market understanding is why Tanfly customers throughout the world continue to rely on our trusted expertise to create solutions that fit their environments, brilliantly.

Tanfly, an outdoor furniture company, manufacturer. With corporate headquarters in Foshan, China, designed for customer needs, to build relationships globally, extending its trusted expertise throughout the global marketplace.

Tanfly continues to differentiate itself and establish enduring relationships throughout the world by personalizing products and service solutions to the specific needs of each customer through its unique design and “Market of One” manufacturing philosophy.