Rattan Sofa

TF-6074 Outdoor Egg Shaped Wicker Sofa Set Cushioned

Certificate: PE rattan UV /oxidation resistance SGS approved, Material: aluminium frame; pe rattan; Polyester cloth & sponge,tempered glass color:to be adviced 10cm thickness cushion

TF-6073 Patio Furniture Modern Sofa Couch Sectional Modular Set

Perfect for gathering the family together, this comfy patio sofa invites everyone to get snuggly. Stretch out on the recliners to watch your favourite boxset in luxury, or lean across the squishy armrest while you chat about your day. With the perfect combination of comfort and modern design, the Tanfly features sleek lines, so you don’t have to compromise on style to enjoy its luxurious comfort.

TF-6072 Outdoor Patio Sofa Set Sectional Furniture PE Wicker Rattan Deck Couch

This product can be used both indoors and outdoors. The painted steel structure is available in three colors, and is combined with the color of the rope, which forms the supporting structure of the seat and back. There are two different types of weaving, both hand woven, to select from. The simplest version, recalls the form of a fishing net, whilst the more elaborate version, (the result of a very laborious technical processing) uses a series of knots similar to those used on sailboats or with ropes used in mountaineering. For the elaborate version there is a considerable increase in the quantity of material used. It integrates well in any environment, whether it is for the outside terrace of a house or in the dining room, the terrace of a restaurant on the seaside, for use inside or outside a mountain cabin or chalet, and even for the poolside or wet room areas. The comfort factor gained by using this material, which everyone will perceive differently, makes this product truly special. Frame and rope are weatherproof, both in cold and hot seasons.

TF-6071 PC Outdoor Wicker Sofa Sectional Furniture with Table

For a stylish wicker sofa sectional you can’t wait to get home to, look no further than the Tanfly furniture. With its fresh and contemporary styling, your garden will never have looked so good. With this comfortable wicker sofa sectional sofa at home, your only problem may be not wanting to leaving it!

TF-6070 Patio Furniture Rattan Sofa Set with Cushions

Certificate: PE rattan UV /oxidation resistance SGS approved, Material: aluminium frame; pe rattan; Polyester cloth & sponge,tempered glass Color:to be adviced. 10cm thickness cushion

TF-6069 4-Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Set Wicker Sofa

1.Certificate: PE rattan UV /oxidation resistance SGS approved,                                       2.Material: aluminium frame; pe rattan; Polyester cloth & sponge,tempered glass 3.color:to be adviced.      4.10cm thickness cushion

TF-6068 3PC Patio Wicker Sofa Set White Cushioned

1.Certificate: PE rattan UV /oxidation resistance SGS approved. 2.Material: aluminium frame; pe rattan; Polyester cloth & sponge,tempered glass 3.color:to be adviced.       4. 5cm thickness cushion

TF-6067 4-Piece Stylish Outdoor Rattan Wicker PE Patio Sofa Furniture Set

1.Certificate: PE rattan UV /oxidation resistance SGS approved, 2.Material: aluminium frame; pe rattan; Polyester cloth & sponge, tempered glass 3.color:to be adviced.    4.10cm thickness cushion

TF-6060 Furniture Set Patio Rattan lounge and Cushion Seat (Gray)

1.Certificate: PE rattan UV /oxidation resistance SGS approved, 2.Material: aluminium frame; pe rattan; Polyester cloth & sponge,tempered glass 3.color:to be adviced.    4.10cm thickness cushion